From Hasti:
“I understand that red meat and egg yolks are not good for health, but I am not sure why we have to skip everything and become a complete vegan in order to live a healthy life? For example what about egg whites, or good quality fish like wild salmon, how about the health benefits of yogurt etc. This is not just my opinion but I have read so many articles and spoken to various doctors about the health benefits of fish, yogurt and other good dairy products as well as egg whites. Just the way we can’t say all carbs are bad, we also can’t say for example that all meat is bad, because then we put fish in that same category. What is your opinion on this matter?”
Dear Hasti, everything we state is evidence-based data, which shows that a whole-food, plant-based diet is the healthiest diet, period. A vegan diet can be really unhealthy – Oreos and coconut oil are vegan – not healthy (see our article, “Why don’t you just say vegan?“). There’s no data that wild fish or wild animal flesh is good for the brain. They may be healthier (IN COMPARISON) than processed meat, but they are not even close to plants.


Appeal to Authority

Appeal to authority (what other doctors tell you) should never be the way to get your data. We suggest you look at the data yourself. We only present what the most reliable, current and peer-reviewed research has shown over decades, which states ad nauseam that a diet high in unprocessed plant foods is good for the brain, heart and the rest of the body. That said, we believe in progress and not all-or-none approach. Every small incremental change towards a plant-based diet is the best approach.


In Comparison

When you hear or read that eating fish is good, you have to remember that it is always stated in comparison to other meats – in comparison to processed meats, chicken and pork, fish is better. For the most part, studies show benefit when comparing real-life diets (which are terrible for the most part) with more or less fish intake. Would adding fish to a high-quality plant-based diet confer health benefit? We doubt it — there is no evidence to support it.

On the other hand, fish is an enormous source of the neurotoxin mercury and industrial chemicals which can be very unhealthy for the brain and the rest of the body organs (see the article linked below). Smaller and farm-raised fish are potential vehicles for industrial chemicals, such as PCBs. Larger predatory fish, such as tuna, concentrate in their own flesh the mercury they ingest in the flesh of their prey. Briefly, you don’t need fish for health if you are eating a wide variety of plants, and you can easily get the omega 3 from plants. If you decide to eat fish, make sure you know the source, and check your mercury levels regularly – normal level is zero. This is besides the fact that we are polluting the ocean and over-fishing is not a sustainable act.

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