In episode # 12, we discuss one of the most important issues in the field of medicine – gender bias in healthcare – which has become an epidemic. Women’s diseases are often missed, misdiagnosed or remains a total mystery. There are tremendous knowledge gaps that are filled with hysteria narratives. Women are more likely to be labeled as “difficult”, “hysterical”, and “hypochondriacs” compared to men presenting with the same diseases. This has major negative consequences for both medical practice and the health of women. Join us as we reveal the profound effect of this bias across multiple diseases and their terrifying consequences, and shed light on ways we can help women get the appropriate attention and treatments for various diseases. We hope you enjoy this episode.

In the next episode, we take a deep dive on why women are affected by Alzheimer’s disease disproportionally compared to men. We will expand on the relevant research that has been done to date on the subject, and discuss how the female brain is more susceptible due to various environmental and biological factors.

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