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An archive of people who have implemented the NEURO plan for brain health.

Thank you so very much for writing your book. Alzheimer’s runs in my family and I’ve long been scared of getting it. I no longer feel fear, but empowered. I was already most following a plant-based diet, because I didn’t want animals to die in order for me to eat. But now that I know this dietary approach is also good for my brain, it feels like I’m really on the right track.

I am also resolved to remove added sugar from my diet. Now that I know why I want to do this, it’s actually easy. And while I’m trim and athletic, I’ve lost a couple of pounds, which feels great.

I’m recommending your book like crazy to my family and friends. Thank you again for such a fantastic book. Jennifer

I have read your book, am very excited about following your recommendations, and told my friends about it.  I believe that it will be a life changer for me. Andrew

I have some good habits already and reading your book pushed me in the right direction but this challenge has made me take a closer look at everything. I was one of those people who always felt like I needed something sweet after dinner, maybe a couple of Hershey kisses (10) or a cookie (2 or 3). What could it hurt! Of course if I was at someone’s house how could I refuse what they served? I am happy to say I DID give up all those sweets and in just a few days I didn’t miss the sugar! I am amazed! Fran Brody Fill

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Thank you so much for your work and wonderful book. I should have been killed in a terrible accident last year when my uncle who had undiagnosed Alzheimer’s crashed his plane we were in on our way home from a fishing trip. Somehow I escaped the sinking plane and have been trying to find the proper resources to share with family to help prevent more of this disease being spread further in my family. What you have put together in one wonderful book is a testament to the outstanding work you guys are doing at Linda Loma. Thank you so much for the work you are doing, I will be buying copies for every one in my family. Keep up the great work!


I was disappointed with the results of my Brain Health Assessment, but your comments encouraged me. I went out and purchased arugula, watercress, blueberries, and avocados. I also make the Mind Smoothie. I feel better. I am working on my NEURO Plan.  Name Withheld

I follow you because I believe in the work and research that you are doing. Your research (to me) is a total combination of learning more about brain disease but it also tells us how to prevent it (for the most part) and learn about whole body wellness and what the benefits would be if we just learn and follow your advice. Again this is my opinion. For the short period of time that you were my doctors at Cedars Sinai, I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was to think that there was an alternative method to treating brain disease besides pills. Then the program folded and I was left hopeless until I found you on Facebook. Now I have hope again that I can still learn (even if by myself) and hopefully apply what I learn in the areas of my life while I still can and make a significant difference. My total intention is that one day I will be a part of the process finding a cure (even if not in my time). Celeste Moore

My why are many. To live a long yet healthy life. Escape the diseases that plagued my relatives and be here for my grandkids. To avoid hospitalization as I honestly get depressed when I have to go either for myself or to visit a loved one. To be a productive member of society and to give more than I take. My challenge was met with me being sick with a bad cold but I’m making some small but important changes. I have taken the smart devices out of my bedroom and disconnect from them at bedtime. I noticed my sleeping improving a little. I can now fall asleep a little faster and wake up less times during the night. I started to listen to music more specifically classical music which is my favorite. I am taking French lessons and will try to learn some games as well. Thanks for all you guys do. gilmoremom49

I follow you because I believe in the work and research that you are doing. Your research (to me) is a total combination of learning more about brain disease but it also tells us how to prevent it (for the most part) and learn about whole body wellness and what the benefits would be if we just learn and follow your advice. Again this is my opinion. For the short period of time that you were my doctors at Cedars Sinai, I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was to think that there was an alternative method to treating brain disease besides pills. Then the program folded and I was left hopeless until I found you on Facebook. Now I have hope again that I can still learn (even if by myself) and hopefully apply what I learn in the areas of my life while I still can and make a significant difference. My total intention is that one day I will be a part of the process finding a cure (even if not in my time). Celeste Moore

We rely on your work and research to help us get past this horrid time with this awful condition. It has touched so many of our lives. Brain health is my WHY. 🙏💕👍👌🏻👏👏 vtveggiegirl

Since participating in your 25 day challenge, I acquired a Sunny Health & Fitness cycle to use while working at the computer to increase my exercise level. I have also looked into improving my sleep and am taking steps toward this goal. I plan to read your book soon. Thank you for this wonderful challenge. Summer Brain and Body Boost Participant

I just completed the Team Sherzai 25-day challenge and I must say that this has been a very enlightening and learning experience. I’ve learned a lot during this time and some things have been hard (i.e., meditating, being accountable) and some things have been easy (i.e., moving and grooving, walking at least 15 mins. daily). A couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment and since receiving that diagnosis, I have been on a journey to learn all that I can do to hopefully prevent or slow down the progression. Team Sherzai has been very influential in my quest and I hope that the more people that get involved with their research findings and their studies, the more we benefit from all of their education and knowledge. And if I can be a part of that process then I am open to it. When I began the challenge on day 1, I was very skeptic about the outcome and not based on them but solely on my past experiences of being able to begin but not complete anything. However, this time, I wanted to see what this challenge would actually do for my well-being and I made the intention on day 1 to complete it and find out for myself. Well I completed and I boy have I seen a difference and I feel a difference. My boyfriend has even commented that he can see and feel a shift in me. That was the best compliment I could ever receive since he has been with more for over 20 years and has witnessed firsthand some of my struggles. I am now a firm believe in their NEURO approach to wellness. Now hopefully my commitment to myself will be to focus on maintaining what I have now learned. The interaction and live feeds that Team Sherzai provided with the Facebook family helped quite a bit for me. It felt very engaging and I loved reading their comments and comments of other participants during this challenge. And, I especially loved when they would say, “Hi” to some of the participants during their Friday live feed. Also, I must say that I actually can feel the difference that these 25 days have made. My head isn’t as cloudy and it seems as though my thoughts come to me just a little bit better than before. Now I still struggle with words and short-term memory issues but I do feel better overall. Here are some of the things that I have learned that I now do on a consistent basis: I take a 15 min. at some point during the day (but mainly during my lunch; I have changed how I eat and I try to stick to mostly a plant-based way of eating. However, I do slip from time to time but when I do, I instantly can feel the difference and I go back to a more plant-based way of eating; I am doing some form of exercise when I get home at night. I am still working on learning to meditate and have it be a norm for me; I’ve changed how I sleep at night but I still need to work on getting in bed and getting up at the same time. I love to dance so incorporating that into my daily habit was the easiest thing that I could do for myself. And, I learned to set an intention and actually keep it. For this challenge, I actually wanted to see what a difference I would see and feel. And after 25 days, I do feel better! Now I know I am the only one in control of what I do going forward but with Team Sherzai posting videos, newsletters, articles and other information, I don’t feel alone in this process. It will be challenging at times, but I truly hope I will “remember” all that I have learned and continue to implement it. I will forever be TEAM SHERZAI! Thank you so very much for all that you are doing in the pursuit of preventing Alzheimer. I purchased your book and I will continue to read it and learn more. Thank you again for just a fulfilling experience. I truly hope that anyone that is struggling with any form of dementia will get your book and follow you on Facebook and or Instagram and try to educate and stay informed as much as possible. It truly does make a difference. Summer Brain and Body Boost Participant

I am going to be taking care of my sister with Alzheimer’s. I also took care of my mother with Alzheimer’s when they were afraid to diagnose with that word.  By the time I got her she did not know my name.  My sister recently lost her husband to cancer and came here for just over two weeks. The first few days were difficult. While we were not on the full fledge diet that you talk about in your book we were serving her whole foods, organic when possible fish and chicken. Nothing processed. Three meals a day with snack of raw nuts. We saw her changing everyday. After about 8days she picked up your book and started taking notes. I showed her your video regarding Dr. Kahn’s “Plant Based Diet” and she asked me to order it.  Unfortunately, as she started feeling better and better she also started feeling invincible and wanted to go home and mourn her husband and be in her own house.  We knew it wouldn’t work but she had to find out for herself.  Each day got worse and she started sundowning and getting panic attacks.  Arrangements are being made as I write this for her to come back to my home and family and that is what she wants to do.  She saw her doctor today who said, as most doctors do, that she had Alzheimer’s and it’s progressing and that there is no cure.  It’s unfortunate that doctors aren’t taught more about nutrition. In fact I find it amazing that most doctors are unhealthy themselves. Taking blood pressure and cholesterol pills.  They seem to be more concerned about the quality of fuel they put in their car than the fuel they put in their bodies.
Name Withheld

Being inquisitive can be misunderstood as doubt or lack of trust, which is unfortunate. Coupled with the tendency to put others first, it can be quite exhausting, especially for a caregiver. I’ve struggled with the challenges that focus on self-care. Thank you for offering the #brainandbodyboost challenge. I’ve found your energy and enthusiasm inspiring, refreshingly genuine and authentic.

Scott Tuttle

I really had a wakeup call this last year. 3 surgeries in 12 months. I come from a family with a history of hypertension, and other vascular issues. I feel real fortunate I have my eyesight, and my balance and equilibrium are doing much better. I didn’t realize what a 30 year history of working on the other side of the clock could do.

My goals are to improve sleep, control stress, increase more plantbased nutrients into my diet.

I grew up with alot and fruits and veggies, but ate more packaged ingredients with my fast paced lifestyle later on. I am very fortunate to have instilled in my kids to eat right. Now I need to make sure I plan ahead to accomplish this.

Tricia Berdan

My Why is because I do not want to have my kids taking care of me. I want to be able to take care of myself for as long as I can. This 25-day challenge has been an eye-opener to what I need to change in order to live the best life that I possibly can at age 61.

Since I started this challenge, I have been really thinking about my snacks especially and learning to plan them out. Now when I get home at night now, I cut up my snacks for the next day. Instead of munching on potato chips and candy at work, I have my apple, grapes, cucumber, celery, hummus, etc. and by the end of the day, I’m not as tired. For Father’s Day, we went to Palm Springs and I thought about what we were going to have in our hotel room to munch on! This time I planned my snacks and it was much better. I felt proud of myself. Here are the snacks that we took even as we traveled over the Father’s Day weekend. Thank you Team Sherzai for keeping me motivated. #brainandbodyboost

Celeste Moore

The reason I joined the class has been developing. For sometime, I was taking three medications a day (cholesterol, gaut, and triglyceride). I had become morbidly obese over a period of about thirty years and finally decided to do something about it. I have since (three months ago) tossed-out the meds and am looking forward to the results of my next blood panel (probably within the next month).

In January I got a rowing machine a placed it where I can’t miss it in the morning. I had to work up to it, but I now row a 10K five or six mornings a week. I do it right when I get up in the morning. It takes approx 45 minutes and I am drenched with sweat when I finish.

That only seemed to get me so far and in April I started paying attention to what I ate. It was about that time that I came across The Alzheimers Solution. I was attracted to it because my father-in-law is dealing with an advanced case of dementia and I don’t want to end up in his condition. Everything I read in it made sense to me – passed the smell test. I know people who swear by Paleo and Keto, but those just didn’t pass the same test. I don’t have a science background, but something just didn’t make sense to me about those. … As a result, I am down 45 pounds and have become zealous about continuing with the weight loss efforts.

I guess my biggest challenge is related to diet; it is sometimes difficult to find healthy options when eating out (something I do in my work often). I have just started an attempt at intermittent fasting where my window for eating is from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM. That takes all breakfast meetings down to a cup of coffee and eliminates the eating out challenge in the mornings.

I live in Sacramento, CA but am originally from the Midwest – where I learned how to cook my bacon in lard! I have been in CA long enough though that I now appreciate the year-round access to fresh vegatables and fruit that we have (our farmers’ markets are open all twelve months).

My wife is a bit blown away, but she is very supportive of my change in lifestyle. We are empty-nesters but none of our three children are yet married, so no grandkids yet (we both look forward to that!)

I mentioned my father-in-laws dementia, but I have no direcrt family history of diabetes or dementia.

I want to also mention that I have incorporated this concept of a brain healthy lifestyle into my business. I have a financial consulting practice and I just hosted a client event built around the concept of avoiding chronic disease in general and dementia specifically. The event was at a local restaurant that is big on the farm to fork concept. I had a physician give the presentation on lifestyle medicine and gave the chef a list of brain healthy foods. I told him to knock himself out on the recipes, but just stay true to the list. The point was to show my clients that adopting a brain healthy lifestyle did not relegate them to eating cardboard at every meal for the rest of their lives! The chef did a fantastic job (as did the physician) and it turned out to be one of the most successful client events I have ever held.

I have come to realize that the greatest threat to my clients’ retirement is not a lack of savings, but the threat of chronic disease. Not only does it increase the likelihood of the need for long-term care (uber-expensive), but there are the opportunity costs of not being able to do the things they have dreamed about for a lifetime, and also imposes the relationship costs of becoming a burden to children.

So not only have you had an impact on my personal life, but on my professsional life as well. For that I owe Team Sherzai a YUGE thank-you! God bless you both!!

Dan Cairns

In January and February 2018, I facilitated an eight week class at Casey’s Pond Retirement Community in Steamboat Springs, Colorado on “The Alzheimer’s Solution.” The class was comprised of elders, staff members, volunteers and family members. Each week, we set an achievable personal goal and reported back to the group the following week. As we studied the concepts in the book, we discussed how we could incorporate it more in our lifestyle at Casey’s Pond. I personally deal with infertility and through facilitating this class, I began to follow the nutrition recommendations in the book and was able to get a regular cycle and am now pregnant. Yay! We have improved and continue to work on improving the delicious vegetarian options we offer for snacks, meals and special events at Casey’s Pond. We have followed the Blue Zones guidelines as a community for a few years now, but this book provided a motivation for our elders that I had not seen before. If making changes to their lifestyle could help them avoid forgetting their cherished memories and relationships, then making the change was worth it. Here are a few quotes that class members wrote on their survey at the end of class: Volunteer – “I had no idea we could have an impact on whether or not we develop memory loss. I already have some memory loss at 64 years old, and it has given me some real hope.” Staff – “I implemented many lifestyle changes through this 8 week course. I exercise more – now taking classes in yoga and zumba, and walking more, taking the stairs. I also drink red wine instead of white. I’m trying to be more outgoing socially.” Resident – “What I learned from this course that was most beneficial to me is to keep moving! At least some part of each hour except when asleep.” We are so grateful for the work of Drs Dean and Ayesha Sherzai and the book was a huge support in implementing the lifestyle changes. We also love the continued resources that you provide and I often share your posts on our Facebook page so we can continue to engage with the material. Thank you so much!

Creese from Casey's Pond

My father has Alzheimer’s and my worst nightmare would be to get it my self. I am reading your book now and it convinces me to try to do what I can to prevent getting it my self. I think my dad, 82 years old, is in stage 6 now. So for him, I guess there is not much to do. What I find most difficult is to make my kids eat well, they don’t really like vegetables. But that’s a fight to continue with.


 After taking on the NEURO plan, I now feel hopeful and in control of my future. Before this, I was sure that I was destined to follow in my family’s footsteps to the Alzheimer’s unit. But now, I have learned so much about the power that I have in making healthy lifestyle choices, that I feel empowered to live in a new reality, where the risk of getting dementia and illnesses of all kinds may be diminished greatly due to the new habits that I am learning about in this life-changing program. In a few short months my husband and daughter can see the difference this has made in my physical and mental well being. We are all eating better, taking walks together, and frequently talking about brain health for all of us. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to improve my outlook on life, and I hope that this is the beginning of a shift in consciousness that may spread around the world. We have the power to make this life the best it can be. All it took was a book, and a doable plan. Every small step that I take moves me forward toward a future life that I can love and appreciate. Thanks for creating this program and sharing it for the good of all beings.

Name Withheld

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