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Not only do Dean and Ayesha see patients daily at Loma Linda University’s Alzheimer’s Prevention Program, they are actively involved in on-going research and have been since their times in medical school.

Below are some of the Sherzai’s favorite publications, with notes on why each study is important. 

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Cognitive Intervention for Patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment

This article is extremely important as it is the most comprehensive form of data analysis. We basically collected the data from all the other people who had done research on the topic and put the data together and then ran the larger data set, and drew much more representative conclusions. The main outcomes of the study were that the more complex the activity the better for the brain and for those who have cognitive decline it is important to know what region of cognition is affected the most and to implement cognitive exercises around those weakness. This is one of the only times that a comprehensive research has shown that cognitive games and complex activities definitely help with brain health and improving cognition, and more specifically, and in many ways, more importantly, that once the area of weakness is identified by focusing on that area and implementing weakness based brain exercises one can improve the brain.

Insulin Resistance and Cognitive Performance in Elderly Adults

This paper was based on nationally representative data, which means it is very robust and one can extrapolate from it to the nation in general. In this paper, we were able to corroborate a very important concept that even short of diabetes if someone has insulin resistance and not diabetes, they are likely to suffer from lower cognitive function. This highlights the importance of sugar, even regular elevated sugar levels on brain health.

This paper is in follow up to a nationwide paper we did two years prior ago showing the relationship between diabetes and dementia — the Association Between Diabetes and Dementia Among Elderly Individuals: A Nationwide Inpatient Sample Analysis.

Leisure Time, Physical Activity and Risk Stroke from Women of the California Teachers Study

This was a large study based on more than 100,000 teachers and demonstrated that sustained exercise confers significant long-term protection against stroke, but if exercise is stopped one’s risk quickly goes up.


Time Trends and Characteristics of Prevalent Dementia among Patients Hospitalized for Stroke in the United States

Little is known about how prevalent dementia rates among patients with stroke have evolved over the last decade or how this relationship varies by gender, race-ethnicity, stroke type, or dementia type. We assessed time trends and demographic predictors of coexisting dementia in a large cohort of patients hospitalized for stroke.

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