Eating at parties is risky! Should you plan to moderate yourself? Avoid it all? Join us as we discuss habits you can implement to avoid the “landmines” that are party foods.

 Our Facebook Live Discussion Highlights

2:30 Dean talks about how, planning and moderation can help you eat at parties

4:25 Dean and Ayesha talk about how they plan for parties (and what their personal challenges are)

5:45 Why it is important to fill yourself up and eat before a party

6:30 An alternative to eat well at parties – bring your own healthy food to share (win them over with how delicious healthy can be)

7:52 A third element to eating at parties – fill your plate with veggies and salads (real salads, not jello “salads”)

8:41 The biggest failures when it comes to eating at parties and events

What do you think?

How do you avoid the minefields of party food? Tell us below and help others implement the NEURO plan in their lives.

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