A full pantry can be your FARM-acy, the key to eating well in an unhealthy world. Consider it your amazing arsenal!

We created two videos on the topic:

1. Our Facebook Live discussion

0:37 Dean talks about why the pantry environment is the most import element to sustaining a healthy life.
1:44 Dean explains the evolution of preservation in the 20th century and many types of preservatives.
2:49 Dean and Aysha talk about why natural foods go bad.
3:23 Aysha talks about importance of good containers.
4:49 Dean and Aysha show you their pantry “Farmacy” and what vitamin rich foods it’s stocked with.
5:35  Dean and Aysha talk about your family’s health and what things you can/could be doing that build or break down the brain.

 2. Pantry Planning Overview Video

We have used salt to preserve our food and other harmful chemicals to keep foods lasting for days, months and even years!

The solution and strategy to keeping better foods in your pantry.

What do you think?

How do you organize your pantry? Tell us your strategies for pantry planning in the comments below.

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