We were introduced to Mind Body Green Founder Jason Wachob by our friend and lifestyle expert and athlete extraordinary Rich Roll. After a couple of warm exchanges, we got on the phone and found out the reason why they were so successful. He was one of the warmest and kindest people we have met. They made us comfortable that this was a science-based forum that empowered people to change the world around them.

Joining Revitalize

On the main day of revitalize we were the first speakers, and sat across from Jason as he started asking us incredibly poignant questions about Brain health and how the bigger questions in our life such as purpose and choice helped build a vibrant powerful brain that could not only withstand disease but continue to build cognitive prowess well into 80s, 90s, and beyond. Right away it appeared that the audience was hungry for guidance on brain health. We were welcomed with loud cheers and nearly half an hour later we left that stage to a warm applause.
What was different about this crowd was that they were more informed about and involved in lifestyle change. Many were very knowledgeable and often involved in the world of nutrition, exercise, meditation, and the environment. In the audience, we had some of the world leaders in exercise that we’ve looked up to for years, such as Rich Roll, who was an ultra runner and in 2017 ran and swam 46 miles over 26 islands in Sweden at age 50. From the world of nutrition and health, we had Dr. Joel Kahn, who is the world-renowned nutrition and lifestyle expert as it pertains to heart disease and health in general. We had Shaman Durek, one of the most famous gurus in the world who has changed the world of meditation and mindfulness. These were just three of the dozens of world-changing leaders in the crowd listening to us (!).
Being part of this amazing gathering was one of the most remarkable weekends of our life as every turn introduced us to new conversations led by world leaders in health, environment and public service. The level of energy was so high that we would all start the day knowing that any conversation could have a profound long-lasting impact on the world around us.

The Take-Away

The one takeaway that we hoped people would get out of our conversations was that there is such a thing as a fact. That despite the fact that we all feel like we are being drowned by the noise of the diet of the day, or the new fad nutrient, there is a method to distill what is fact and what is pseudoscience, and knowing how to define it matters — for our health, future of humanity, and the planet.

Watch the Replay

(click the image below)Dean and Ayesha Sherzai at MBG Revitalize

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