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Don’t Just Live a Long Life. Live an Unforgettable One.

From Neurologists Dean and Ayesha Sherzai, a free, online, one-hour LIVE masterclass designed specifically for caregivers, wellness enthusiasts, and leaders, created to help you boost your brain performance, overcome your “bad genes,” and achieve optimal health, so you can make the most of every. single. life-minute.

During this masterclass you can expect to…

Learn how to apply the power of lifestyle medicine
Change your “unchangeable” habits, beat your “bad” genes, grow neurons, and eliminate brain fog once and for all.

Implement the NEURO plan into your daily habits
Create a sustainable exercise routine, meditation practice and a plant-based diet that is EASY and dare we say, FUN.

Move beyond FEAR by understanding the research and science for yourself
Use the only scientifically proven, holistic solution for reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease (and all brain disease), so you can go through your seventies, eighties and beyond without fear

We’re Dean & Ayesha Sherzai.

We’re Neurologists and a husband and wife duo devoted to brain health.

We met as young physicians working abroad, and in our first conversation, we learned that both of our grandparents had spent their remaining days on this Earth suffering from dementia. It was then that we vowed to do whatever we could to help others avoid this fate.

In fact, we created the only scientifically proven, holistic solution for reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease –

The NEURO Plan.


What exactly is the NEURO PLAN?


 It is a highly personalized lifestyle change plan that revolutionized our clinical patient care outcomes. In fact, we saw so much improvement in our clinical practice (supported by additional research), we knew we needed to share the power of the NEURO plan with more than our patient population. Our first step in sharing this plan with the world was our best-selling book The Alzheimer's Solution. This mastercourse is part of our larger plan to bring the five-step NEURO Plan to more and more people.

The NEURO Plan transforms brain (and body) health through five areas of focus: 

N | Nutrition

A whole-food, plant-based diet low in sugar, salt, and processed foods.

E | Exercise

An active lifestyle with movement every hour—not just a stop at the gym after an otherwise sedentary day.

U | Unwind

Stress management in the form of meditation, yoga, mindful breathing exercises, time spent in nature, all with the support of strong communities.

R | Restore

Seven to eight hours of regular, detoxifying sleep through intensive sleep hygiene, treatment for sleep disorders, and management of medications and foods that adversely affect sleep.

O | Optimize

Social and multimodal activities (like music and language) to challenge and engage multiple brain centers.

Alzheimer’s prevention starts in the kitchen … Team Sherzai is giving you the meal plan you need to reduce your risk.

Dr. Mehmet Oz

[My interview with Team Sherzai is a] powerful and potentially life-altering conversation that provides everything you need to know about brain health, Alzheimer’s and how to avoid the grip of this devastating illness.

Rich Roll

Team Sherzai are the brain experts to follow and implement. Forget all the others. Because Drs. Sherzai care.

Joel Kahn MD

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