Q: “But isn’t this common sense. Eat healthy and your entire body will be healthy not just your brain.”

We wish. Yearly the American Heart Association puts out The Seven Most Important Factors for Longevity and Health.

Much of it is consistent for brain health.

When it comes to nutrition, as Americans, we are less than 1% compliant. The main reason is that most people think they know what’s healthy food, but with all the noise out there majority don’t know the specifics, and people don’t know how to truly make it part of their daily life.

So the point of why two neurologist neuroscientists are doing this is because were are sick of dispensing aspirin and cholesterol medication and want to empower people with simple tools that they can actually truly incorporate healthy living into their daily activities. We are also trying to break through the incredible amount of noise about the latest fad diets with data.

Read about the American Heart Associaton’s Simple 7 Here: http://jaha.ahajournals.org/content/7/4/e007658

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