The grocery store is at the center of eating well throughout the week. When you plan ahead and shop well, you’re not tempted by easy food and unhealthy options. So shop the produce section first — hit your FARM-acy before you visit the center (unhealthy aisles) of the stores.

We created two videos on the topic:

1. Our Facebook Live discussion


0:40 Dean talks about having your grocery list ready before arriving to the store and the different methods and applications you can use to make a grocery list.

1:22 Dean talks about how critical it is to have a list of what is healthy and what is not healthy while grocery shopping.

1:54 Ayesha and Dean talk about how you should never go into the grocery store hungry, why it’s bad, how going in hungry alters your food choices and what sections to shop in first.

2:32 Dean talks about how grocery stores have been changing and adapting in today’s modern age.

3:05 Dean talks about how critical and important it is to be a great label reader and understand the meaning of those labels.

3:23 Ayesha talks about what things you should be looking for in the ingredient label.

4:04 Dean and Ayesha talk about when you change your diet that you should not feel deprived and the many alternatives you can have/find in the grocery store.

5:31 Dean and Ayesha recap the items/elements to having a successful/healthy grocery shopping experience.

 2. Grocery Shopping Overview Video

We have used salt to preserve our food and other harmful chemicals to keep foods lasting for days, months and even years!

The solution and strategy to keeping better foods in your pantry.


  1. The best snacks are fruits and vegetables. Always keep cut slices of fruits and vegetables in your refrigerator in a closed container.
  2. Hummus, bean dips, vegetable-based dressings, and purees. Great for adding flavor to vegetable slices.
  3. Iced/hot green tea or coffee sweetened with erythritol can be enjoyed regularly.

A handful of nuts or seeds

What do you think?

How do you organize your pantry? Tell us your strategies for pantry planning in the comments below.

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