How do you stay focused and on-point when you travel? Here’s our ideas, straight from the road:

1:57  The first place we fail in maintaining our eating lifestyle

2:47 Planning your meals/snacks and why it’s critical

4:53 Modifying foods at restaurants and guiding the chefs

6:42 How to eat at other peoples homes

9:46 Dean and Ayesha recap the most important points and elements to healthy eating


  1. Book a hotel room with a refrigerator or kitchenette:
    stock the fridge with fruits, vegetables, nut milk, and hummus. Also buy nuts, cereal, and dry bean soups low in sodium.
  2. A simple hotel breakfast:
    oatmeal or cereal with almond milk, berries, and bananas.
  3. A simple hotel lunch or dinner:
    dry bean soup made with hot water from your coffee maker (high in plant protein, low in sodium, free of cholesterol and saturated fats).
    Add lemon, a handful of salad greens, and some hot sauce for extra flavor.
  4. Simple snacks:
    nuts, fruit, and carrots can be purchased at airports and even gas stations.
  5. When in doubt:
    avoid meat and sugary, processed foods, and plan ahead as much as possible.

What are your tips for traveling and eating well? Tell us below.

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