I live in Houston, Texas, so it is not feasible to consult in person. I have been a vegan for almost 7 years. My daughter is a physician and she insists that veganism is bad for the brain, Alzheimer, etc. she maintains that one cannot get adequate, necessary vitamins, such as B-12, etc which can cause irreversible harm after around 7 years. I have other physician friends who maintain similar arguments. I have also read that veganism can cause irreversible damage.  Where lies the truth? Thank you.

 Hi there, we hear this feedback often! Here’s our advice:
First, note that veganism doesn’t encompass the full range of what we’re speaking about in our recommendations of a whole-food plant-based diet. You can read about “why don’t you just say vegan” here.
1. Have them read our book.

2. Have them read the China Study

3. Have them read How Not To Die

4. Have them read any of the dozens of research centered books that show that the whole food plant-based diet is not only protective of the heart, metabolism, brain, it also prolongs life by 10 years.

5. Then, let’s go to the major studies around the country and the world – – if you look at the California Teacher Study which we were a part of and wrote a landmark paper and –we were able to show that it reduces the chance of stroke by 44%.

6. If you look at the Chicago Health Study, a plant-based diet reduces the chance of dementia by 53%.

I can go through dozens and dozens of large-scale studies that repeatedly show this.

The rest is people cherry picking towards their confirmation bias – wanting to believe that bacon and eggs are good for you.

All the nutrients you need can be found in plants. If you go purely vegan you might need a B 12 supplement once a week.



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