Alzheimer’s Solution Success Stories

An archive for people who have implemented the NEURO plan for brain health.


Thank you so very much for writing your book. Alzheimer’s runs in my family and I’ve long been scared of getting it. I no longer feel fear, but empowered. I was already most following a plant-based diet, because I didn’t want animals to die in order for me to eat. But now that I know this dietary approach is also good for my brain, it feels like I’m really on the right track.

I am also resolved to remove added sugar from my diet. Now that I know why I want to do this, it’s actually easy. And while I’m trim and athletic, I’ve lost a couple of pounds, which feels great.

I’m recommending your book like crazy to my family and friends. Thank you again for such a fantastic book.


I have read your book, am very excited about following your recommendations, and told my friends about it.  I believe that it will be a life changer for me.


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Thank you so much for your work and wonderful book. I should have been killed in a terrible accident last year when my uncle who had undiagnosed Alzheimer’s crashed his plane we were in on our way home from a fishing trip. Somehow I escaped the sinking plane and have been trying to find the proper resources to share with family to help prevent more of this disease being spread further in my family. What you have put together in one wonderful book is a testament to the outstanding work you guys are doing at Linda Loma. Thank you so much for the work you are doing, I will be buying copies for every one in my family. Keep up the great work!


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