Snacking is key to curbing hunger and keeping your blood glucose level (blood sugar) at an even level throughout the day, avoiding sugar highs and lows.

We created two videos on the topic:

1. Our Facebook Live discussion

0:52 Dean explains how snacks avoid cheating on your diet
3:24 Ayesha explains nutrient dense vs calorie dense
5:00 Dean tells the truth: “snacks can be poison or medicine”
5:15 Keep vegetables around, but you need to cut them up to be palatable
7:28 Don’t forget seeds and nuts – they’re easy and portable
8:55 Why we don’t approve of “veggie sticks”
11:20 Beans are better in dips!
12:00 Mask veggies for kids
+answering user questions about dried fruits and brain damage

 2. Snacking Overview Video

Why Snack? 
Snacking Curbs Hunger
Keeps Energy Levels Even
Allows You Choose Nutrient Dense Food vs Calorie Dense Food


What challenges do you face when you’re snacking?

Tell us your challenges and strategies for healthy snacking in the comments below.

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